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Landscape Lighting Installations in Rochester!

As the day comes to an end, your beautiful home and landscape can still be admired through the night!

At Rochester Landscape Designs, we design and install outdoor lighting systems that will accentuate your home and landscapes unique architectural features. Our lighting is subtle, but the results are remarkable. With customized lighting design, we can create a warm and welcoming feeling to all your outdoor spaces.  You will look forward to being outside at night, whether you’re entertaining family and friends on a warm summer evening, or keeping warm by a fire pit on a late autumn night.


Our extensively trained designers will bring out the best features of your property and we offer lighting systems that will meet any budget!  Outdoor lighting can be installed year round in Rochester, integrated into both new and existing landscapes. We can build your lighting system over time, with as many phases as your budget dictates.

How to Design the Perfect Landscape Lighting System

Outdoor lighting can be as simple as defining the edges of a home's walkway, patio and steps. With a layout intent on improving direction and safety in a dark space. Improving safety is one of our primary design goals when we begin the layout of a lighting concept for your property. Steps, uneven surfaces and grade changes are always locations that are improved with introducing lighting.

Establishing a feeling of warmth and excitement to a dark space is also very important to our designers! Outdoor lighting has improved tremendously over the past decade.  Industry demand has greatly improved light fixture selection and quality. New lighting manufacturers have expanded into the landscape lighting market. Increases in light fixture selections and advances in LED technology has even helped to lower the costs of professionally installed systems!

Rochester Landscape Lighting Design

We feature a full selection of solid brass, copper and painted light fixtures that will add beautiful illumination and curb appeal to you home!

Our technicians have been installing outdoor lighting in the landscape industry for over two decades. We install the highest quality, low voltage LED lights for sidewalk, pool and patio lighting. 

About Us

Over 25 Years of Experience

We have been designing and providing landscape installation services to homeowners for over twenty five years! We constantly look to expand our working knowledge within the landscape profession by being open minded to new ideas, products and the experiences that every landscape project brings.


Landscaping is a wonderful hobby, but providing a quality lighting/landscape design services year after year involves training, education and the constant evaluation of one's skills. Our designers have successfully completed the extensive requirements necessary to receive a Bachelor degree in the professional field of Landscape Architecture.

Professional Crews

Well trained crews are the backbone of all successful lighting projects.  We constantly encourage our crews to bring enthusiasm and professionalism to every project they're involved with.  We take pride in that many of our crew members are multi year employees within our company!

Customer Service

We have been involved for over twenty five years in  landscape lighting and have helped light up homes across Monroe County! We use the best products on the market today and constantly strive to keep up with the latest lighting trends and advances in LED styles. We believe customer service in the most important aspect of what we love to do!

Best Products

We constantly evaluate the lighting products available for quality, durability, cost and desired lighting effects. By using a combination of path lighting, up/down lighting and lighting washes we can create the perfect look for your home!

Diversity of Services

We don't mow lawns or snow plow. What we have built our company around is providing the design and installation of outdoor lighting, patios, walkways, pools, plantings and fencing to the highest of standards!

Get Your

Landscape Lighting Project Started!

Contact us today and one of our lighting designers will arrange with you a free lighting consultation at your house.  We will show you all the lighting design options and fixtures to select from!

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